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Who we are

We are a fast-growing private in-home music studio with over 160 students and 9 teachers throughout San Diego. We offer in-home, private one-on-one music instruction.

Our lessons are uniquely tailored to the preferences and goals of each student. Whether you are seeking to be trained classically or otherwise, our experienced team of instructors can take your musical journey to the next level.


JN Music Studio operates as a monthly tuition fee. Once your specific lesson time has been given, you will pay to keep that time slot. Regardless if there are 4 or 5 lessons given in a month, there is no additional fee. Tuition fees will be sent at the beginning of the month through the Zelle app.


Personalized, intensive lessons with Jared, focusing on in-depth, full-time engagement for effective learning


Varied teaching styles with Jared alternating with another studio teacher, offering diverse and engaging lessons


Choice of Andrew, Drinian, Thomas, Becky, Alexis, Suzy, Bella, or Jane for full-time lessons, each providing a unique teaching approach

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Our director

Jared Nepute founded the JN Music Studio in 2015 after moving to San Diego from New York City. He is a classically trained pianist, guitarist, vocalist, and composer. He received his Bachelor of Music from New York University. He has won numerous piano competitions including the AMSA World Piano Competition performing at Carnegie Hall and the United Nations. He also was cast as the lead in the National Broadway Tour of American Idiot with over 200 performances.


Our instructors hold music degrees from New York University, Cal State University and Biola University with decades of cumulative teaching experience. Instructors are specialized in their instruments, and students will be paired with their teacher accordingly.

Drinian King
Andrew Marin
Thomas Albert
Becky Friberg
Alexis Marin
Shane blafield
Bella ettore
jane racuya

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